StudyWisconsin is a non-profit group of higher educational and training organizations (Intensive English Language) in the state of Wisconsin. StudyWisconsin members are committed to connecting international students and professionals with quality Wisconsin higher education and training through joint international marketing activities.  For a  list of our strategic partners please see: 


  • To support the growth of international trade and commerce by fostering globalization of educational opportunities and training throughout the state of Wisconsin
  • To increase the number of international students accessing Wisconsin educational  programs—in person, online, & otherwise
  • To facilitate partnerships between Wisconsin and foreign schools
  • To promote the state of Wisconsin as a study destination
  • To enhance Wisconsin’s position as an optimum site for international commerce and education through public and private sector collaboration

Audience: International students and professionals seeking educational opportunities in Wisconsin.

StudyWisconsin plans to:

  • Exhibit at international education fairs
  • Coordinate domestic events for international student advisors and others in Wisconsin college and university campuses
  • Create and maintain a consortium webpage
  • Establish connections with the US Commercial Service, embassies, international schools, and overseas advising centers
  • Develop marketing materials which promote Wisconsin as a destination for quality international education and training

Why Join StudyWisconsin?

  • Increased international visibility
  • Increased international enrollment
  • Opportunities for international collaboration
  • Cost-sharing in marketing activities
  • Collaboration between the public and private sector


Membership is open to education organizations located in the state of Wisconsin and holding national or regional accreditation from a professional and/or US Department of Education-recognized regional accreditation organization.  Organizations that support the mission and goals of Study Wisconsin but do not meet the above qualifications can apply for associate membership.

Membership Application Information

To apply for membership in StudyWisconsin, please email the StudyWisconsin Chair: Jennifer Phillips.

Current membership: University of Wisconsin System schools, WAICU (Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities) schools, WTCS (Wisconsin Technical College System) schools, Intensive English Schools, Wisconsin Public and Private Secondary Schools, Boarding schools located in Wisconsin.

Themes Discussed by Members: StudyWisconsin: choices, connections, community; Wisconsin: the choice is yours; Strength in Unity, Wisconsin Connections; Tradition of Excellence; Opportunit y; Welcome; Innovation; Community: Environment; Seasons; Beauty.

StudyWisconsin Officers

Executive Committee

Chair: Jennifer Phillips, Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI)

Past Chair: Kevin Beisser: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Treasurer: Vacant

Secretary: Lauren Rado: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Media Coordinator: Vacant

Government Liason: Erika Cuevas, Fox Valley Technical College

StudyWisconsin Logo designed by Alverno College student, Kelly Surges

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