Wisconsin Ethnic Diversity

Wisconsin is proud of its ethnic diversity.

Long before Wisconsin became a state, the area was recognized by people from diverse backgrounds as a wonderful place to spend their lives. Whether attracted by rich farmlands, abundant waterways, nuturing communities or vibrant cities, people from around the world have made Wisconsin their home.


Wisconsin celebrates its ethnically and culturally rich past and present all year long with festivalssuch as Germanfest, Indian Summer Fest, Mexican Fiesta, Asian Moon Festival, Festa Italiana, Irish Fest, African World Fest, Polish Fest, Arab World Fest, Serbian Fest, Bastille Days, Syttende Mai, Scottish Fest, Hmong Summer Festival, Armenian Fest, Greek Fest, Kermis Dutch Festival, Cornish Fest, Swiss Fest, the Czech Music Festival & many more!!


All photos courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism.